INSPIRIUM is a micro nation of IT engineers, working at the edge where physical reality meets digital world.

As the world is fast evolving, it is becoming more and more evident how amazing technologies are enhancing the capacities of human beings. This enhancement ranges from augmented and virtual realities to internet of things, robotics, embedded computing as well as to 3d printing and many others.

Furthermore, mankind evolutionary trend as well as its transformation has greatly influenced the genuine inspirational environments for creativeness. And that defines why we are INSPIRIUM.

Our aim at INSPIRIUM is to be at the forefront of technology proffering IT solutions to clients, however still maintaining strong links to the roots, having understood how new technologies can help existing and sustained businesses.

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874 Walker Road, Suite C, Dover, Delaware 19904

INSPIRIUM engineers provide integrated IT solutions where physical and digital realities seamlessly merge.​​

The logo and colors of INSPIRIUM symbolize two worlds together: the physical world with its colors and leaf-like shapes of nature and the digital world having interwoven colored digital wires.

At INSPIRIUM, we recognize that augmented reality is a step ahead for an MMI development and internet of things is a further advancement of a network technology. Consequently, we treat these new things in an evolutionary perspective, thinking how all these new technologies can practically contribute to the existing computing ecosystems.

The foundation is the seamless integration of what our customers have as business backbones, with the new technology increasing the competitiveness of their products and services. As optimists, we consider engineering to be an aggregation of “form follows the function” approach, art and careful craftsmanship in order to ensure the results of our work meet top-notch standards, aesthetics as well as usability.


Perhaps you think like us and would like to either get an innovation technology product or enhance your business system by means of integration of new things, consider involving INSPIRIUM.

We specialize in getting together in a technological «terra incognita» to enhance the capacities of people and computing systems through the utilization of newest technologies as well as by ensuring their seamless integration with existing systems.